Asad Warsi

Chief Executive


Warsi is a result-oriented professional with an extensive background in business turnaround, corporate restructuring, setting up startups and companies, corporate and operational infrastructure, strategic business, and financial planning.

Throughout his extensive career, he has consistently identified opportunities for growth while implementing strategies for process improvement. Warsi is an effective communicator and a value-centric leader who thrives in fast-paced environments all while delivering forward-thinking, innovation, and professionalism at all times.

Besides his core skills in strategic financial and business planning, Warsi, during his career, has also thrived in the space of automation, analysis, and treasury functions.

Holding a chartered accountancy degree from the Institute of Chartered Accountant of Pakistan (2001), Waris is also a Certified Director at the Pakistan Institute of Corporate Governance – 2017; over the last 2 decades he has served on the boards and worked at C-level positions in some of the most prominent names, including but not limited to Inbox Business Technologies, Elixir Securities Pakistan, Deloitte, Fortune Securities, MAGM Holdings and TMT Ventures.

Since 2021 when Warsi took up his role as the chief executive officer of MAGM Holdings/Ventures, he has been working independently with group companies in a leadership role.

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